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    Experience Talks 06/2023

    Current event
    How to know what client wants?
    Barbora Ruščin

    For many companies, the customer centricity is the way how to differentiate from competitors. Heading towards customer, understanding his thinking and ability to offer just what he needs in the way he likes is…

    Four conditions of great customer service
    Leona Schovancová

    Employees, processes, technology, financing – these all are very important aspects of perfect customers service, but clients and often even people within the company are not able to see it. Frequently, the…

  • Experience Talks 02/2023

    CX Strategy – From Planning To Real Outcomes
    Katarína Boledovičová Video language: SK, Subtitles: SK, EN, DE, DA

    CX has become a very popular word in many companies recently, but some professionals might not fully understand its real value and strategy ends up only written on the paper. Where to start with CX – from…

    How to Establish CX in a Company with NO CX Department
    Eva Šípková Video language: CZ, Subtitles: CZ, EN, DE, DA

    Building the positive customer experience isn´t only privilege of large companies. It can be put into life also in smaller companies with no CX department or budget for bigger activities. It is crucial so that…

    Video language: SK, CZ

    Témata: CX trendy a priority pro rok 2023 - Efektivní metriky CX - Jak "prodat" význam CX uvnitř firmy. Panel: J. Uriga, L. Cingr, K. Boledovičová, E. Šípková

  • Experience Talks 09/2022

    Remove the barriers between customer and seller.
    Michal Mravináč Video language: CZ, Subtitles: CZ, EN, DE, DK

    How to manage the price increase so that the buyer accepts it.
    Viktor Kostický Video language: SK

  • Experience Talks 05/2022

    Was Bata wrong? Is customer really our boss?
    Ján Uriga Video language: SK, Subtitles: SK, EN, DE, DK

    Winners of the Covid period. Why did these companies succeed in CX?
    Lukáš Cingr Video language: CZ, Subtitles: CZ, EN, DE, DK

  • Experience Talks 11/2021

    How to work with internal influencers within Employer branding?
    Oliver Jakubík Video language: SK

    In employer branding strategy and activities we work with a number of communication models, but we often forget one of the most important - internal influencers and ambassadors have the power to reliably and…

    EXTRA How to Customer Experience (CX) in 2022?
    Ján Uriga Video language: SK

    What will be crucial for the successful management of customer experiences this year? Jan Uriga will advise you on three (3) basic points on how to do this.

  • Experience Talks 09/2021

    How Salesforce builds a predictive business machine
    Michal Rulík Video language: CZ

    Salesforce is the fastest growing technology company in recent years. With its unique product and approach, it achieved sales of $ 17.1 billion in 2020. Let's look together "under the hood" as Salesforce…

    The data dilemma - how ethics affects working with data
    Daniel Minárik Video language: SK

    Technologies related to the collection, processing and evaluation of large amounts of data, such as artificial intelligence, are becoming increasingly accessible and easier to use. Negative examples of large…

    EXTRA A story from a small Slovak player to a company with an international reach
    Filip Glasa Video language: SK

    In Filip Glas's lecture, you will learn about the beginnings of Finstat as a small data company, which has become the largest data portal in Slovakia. But what are its beginnings in international waters, under…

  • Experience Talks 06/2021

    Shine and misery online collaboration
    Lukáš Bakoš Video language: SK

    Years of online experience summarized in thirty minutes. We all know that a combination of offline-online work, a hybrid world, awaits us. We have no idea how to design it properly, but it is already beginning…

    Your customer's smile begins with the smile of your employee!
    Lucia Čišková Video language: SK, Subtitles: SK, EN, DE, DK

    Business Lease, as a traditional leasing company, has decided to swim against the current. Our goal is to be the best mobility provider, whose services will make the customer smile. We knew that without…

  • Experience Talks 05/2021

    Well-being of staff and remote work
    Maxim Strashun Video language: SK

    During this practical lecture, you will learn: • How we can define well-being, its structure, pillars and key aspects ... and how to explain it to managers and employees • How we have created a comprehensive…

    Effective work with emotions from the perspective of the gaming industry and medicine
    Ivan Krechňák Video language: SK

    In today's Hi-Tech society, Emotions are becoming a key item. Do They Really Decide On Success Or Failure? How do they work in terms of medicine and psychology, and why are they perhaps the only way to succeed…

    EXTRA Myths about sales through Linkedin
    Ivana Brutenič a Kristína Kováčiková Video language: SK

    Want to take your LinkedIn sales to the next level? Or are you deciding to start? Let's take a look at the biggest LinkedIn sales myths. Do you know that you can sell on LinkedIn without creating content? Do…

  • Experience Talks 04/2021

    How to combine leadership, marketing and sales and build a lovebrand on LinkedIne?
    Ivana Brutenič Video language: SK

    How do you connect management, marketing and sales to build a lovebrand on LinkedIne? Why should salespeople support HR or marketer and vice versa? How do you achieve that colleagues become passionate…

    What's the point of a bank board member communicating on LinkedIn?
    Andrej Viceník Video language: SK

    Colleague involvement and client feedback - LinkedIn will bring that too. You will learn more about how a native trader sets his goals on this network, how the whole preparation process takes place and whether…

  • Experience Talks 03/2021

    How to get into the head of the consumer
    Igor Tóth Video language: SK, Subtitles: SK, EN, DE, DK

    How do consumers make decisions? What are the key issues in managing customer behavior and how does they relate to the customer experience? Consumer decision-making process in terms of theory and many real…

    Democratization of data step by step
    Monika Hrubá Video language: CZ

    There is a lot of discussion about data and working with it. At Česká sporiteľňa, we practically tested how to make data available effectively in the 10,000+ corporation. So we are happy to present a look into…

  • Experience Talks 02/2021

    New reality and DNA customer experience
    Tomáš Potměšil Video language: CZ

    How resistant was the customer DNA of companies to the virus in the Czech Republic and Slovakia? How has successful brands' approach to customer strategy and design changed? Tomáš Potměšil, who leads the…

    How does customer feedback (de) motivate you?
    Tomáš Rosputinský Video language: SK, Subtitles: SK, EN, DE, DK

    Who is engaged and who should be engaged? Forget about complicated schemes. Customer feedback is tremendous because it gives employees recognition. How to collect feedback, how to gamify it, how to link it to…

  • Experience Talks 11/2020

    Behind the scenes of the world's top brands and ads
    Martin Krajniak Video language: SK

    See with us "behind the curtain" of the world's strongest brands and interesting advertisements. Thanks to data from Kantar, we will be able to find out what the common features of the strongest brands and…

    The brain - the biggest asset of any company
    Robert Krause Video language: SK

    Many people don't care about their brains because it's not visible. However, during the lecture of a respected neuropsychologist, we will look at how a change in brain function can affect mental well-being in…

  • Experience Talks 10/2020

    Behavioral economics
    Matej Šucha Video language: SK

    The subconscious affects not only the behavior but also the perception of customers. What does this mean for CX? Why do you need to be careful about what your customers tell you and what they ask you to do? We…

    Oliver Šimko Video language: SK

    How is it possible that games can draw us in and keep us motivated, despite the fact that most of the time we tend to solve problems in them, we try, we lose many times, but we still consider it fun and a good…

  • Experience Talks 09/2020

    Everybody knows but why no one cares…
    Ján Uriga Video language: SK

    Why even talk about the experience of a customer or employee in a corporate environment. The number mantra does not meet why someone wants to work for the company, nor is the price of the product a reason why…

    Our people are our main asset. So how we can profit
    Ján Uriga Video language: SK

    First, the company must fall in love with its employees and then it will be attractive to customers as well. We go beyond concepts such as employee engagement, loyalty or motivation. Everyday experience with…