• Lukáš Bakoš
    Lukáš Bakoš
    Lukáš has managerial experience in Telco and IT companies. In Maxman, he has led a number of projects for local and multinational companies in Europe and Asia since 2009. He studied psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University, and received postgraduate education at the UC Sydney and PhD in Australia. at the Faculty of Management, Charles University. He is dedicated to the development of top managers, and at the heart of it is building self-management teams and helping companies create an environment with high independence, agility and autonomy. He is angry at the state of Slovak education, so in addition to working at Maxman, he teaches future psychologists at FSEV UK.

    Shine and misery online collaboration

    Experience Talks 06/2021

    Years of online experience summarized in thirty minutes. We all know that a combination of offline-online work, a hybrid world, awaits us. We have no idea how to design it properly, but it is already beginning to show. Why does someone love and hate remote work? What to keep and what to change after returning to companies? Let's think together about the ideal design of cooperation.

    Recording and presentation:
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