• Robert Krause
    Robert Krause
    Robert is the owner of KRAUSE MENTAL CARE GROUP, which provides comprehensive psychological care for companies. He lectures all over the world, guarantees education in Africa, Mexico, but also Spain. He is a frequent guest of many Slovak and foreign television, radio and print media. In 2020, he was a member of the professional council of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic.

    The brain - the biggest asset of any company

    Experience Talks 11/2020

    Many people don't care about their brains because it's not visible. However, during the lecture of a respected neuropsychologist, we will look at how a change in brain function can affect mental well-being in the workplace and also how it affects work performance. During the lecture, we will focus on how each leader can know, help and change their brains and thus better know, help and change the brains of their co-workers.

    Recording and presentation:
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